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National Entitlement Card

The National Entitlement Card (NEC) is:

  • a multi-application smartcard;
  • quick to use - just flash it over a reader and it scans automatically;
  • convenient - a single card with many uses helping you to reduce the number of cards you need to carry.

Many Scottish councils offer multiple services on the NEC already, but this varies from council to council. These include leisure/library membership, cashless catering within schools, taxi travel for disabled people, vending machines, matriculation/library/student union membership in certain higher/further education establishments.


There are also national services available on the NEC - available across Scotland:


  • Scotland-Wide Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled people: If you are 60 and over, or have a disability you may be entitled to free bus travel.
  • Young Scot: Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship agency for Scotland. Young Scot provides 11-25 year olds with a mixture of information, ideas and opportunities to help them become positive and active citizens. Young Scot Rewards are also available across the country. See the Young Scot website here for more details.




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