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Application Validation Points

Validation of Disabled Application Forms can be completed at your Local Social Work Department, for further details of locations please contact the Travel Card Unit on 0141 333 3211.

60 PlusYoung PersonKIDZ CardNEC OnlineValidation Point Address
YES   Post Offices
 YES Young Persons OnlyMotherwell Library, 35 Hamilton Road, Motherwell, ML1 3BZ
 YES Young Persons OnlyBellshill Cultural Centre Library, John Street, Bellshill, ML4 1RJ
 YES Young Persons OnlyChapelhall Library, 2 Honeywell Crescent, Airdrie, ML6 8XW
 YES Young Persons OnlyChryston Library, Chryston Cultural Centre, Lindsaybeg Road, Chryston, G69 9DL
 YES Young Persons OnlyCleland Library, Main Street, Cleland, ML1 5QW
 YES Young Persons OnlyCoatbridge Library, The Buchanan Centre,  126 Main Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3BJ
 YES Young Persons OnlyCondorrat Library, North Road, Cumbernauld, G68 9AE
 YES Young Persons OnlyCraigneuk Library, 35 Shieldmuir Street, Craigneuk, Wishaw, ML2 7TJ
 YES Young Persons OnlyCumbernauld Library, 8 Allander Walk, Cumbernauld, G67 1EE
 YES Young Persons OnlyKilsyth Library, Kilsyth Library, Burngreen, Kilsyth, G65 0HT
 YES Young Persons OnlyOld Monkland Library, Cuparhead avenue, Coatbridge, ML5 5LU
 YES Young Persons OnlyWishaw Library, 21 East academy Street, Wishaw, ML2 8BG
 YES Young Persons OnlyMotherwell Library, 35 Hamilton Road, Motherwell, ML1 3BZ
 YES Young Persons OnlyPeterburn Library, Varnsdorf Way, Petersburn, ML6 8EQ
 YES Young Persons OnlyAbronhill Library, 17 Pine Road, Cumbernauld, G67 3BE
 YES Young Persons OnlyStepps Library, 10 Blenheim Avenue, Stepps, G33 6FH
 YES Young Persons OnlyNewarthill Library, Kirkhall Road, Newarthill, ML1 5BB
 YES Young Persons OnlyNew Stevenson Library, Coronation Road East, New Stevenson, ML1 4HX
 YES Young Persons OnlyShotts Library, Benhar Road, Shotts, Ml7 5EN
 YES Young Persons OnlyNewmains Library, 11 Manse Road, Newmains, Wishaw, ML2 9AX
 YES Young Persons OnlyViewpark Library, 135 Burnhead Street, Uddingston, G71 5AT
 YES Young Persons OnlyMoodiesburn Library, Glenmanor Avenue, Moodiesburn, G69 0DL
 YES Young Persons OnlyAirdrie Library, Wellwynd, Airdrie, ML6 0AG
YESYES Young Persons OnlyAirdrie First Stop Shop, 10 Bank Street, Airdrie, ML6 6AF
YESYES Young Persons OnlyBellshill First Stop Shop, 26 Motherwell Road, Bellshill, ML4 1RE
YESYES Young Persons OnlyCoatbridge First Stop Shop, The Buchanan Centre,  126 Main Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3BJ
YESYES Young Persons OnlyCumbernauld First Stop Shop, Fleming House, 2 Tryst Road, Cumbernauld, G67 1JW
YESYES Young Persons OnlyKilsyth First Stop Shop, Parkfoot Street, Kilsyth, G65 9AA
YESYES Young Persons OnlyMoodiesburn First Stop Shop, Blackwoods Crescent, Moodiesburn, G69 0EN
YESYES Young Persons OnlyMotherwell First Stop Shop, Dalziel Building, 7 Scott Street, Motherwell, ML1 1SX
YESYES Young Persons OnlyShotts First Stop Shop, 162-164 Station Road, Shotts, ML7 4AW
YESYES Young Persons OnlyViewpark First Stop Shop, 135 Burnhead Street, Viewpark, G71 5DD
YESYES Young Persons OnlyWishaw First Stop Shop, Houldsworth Centre, Kenilworth Avenue, Wishaw, ML2 7LP