How to get your NEC

You can apply for your NEC through your Council.  You are required to supply all of the necessary information and appropriate documentation to confirm your identity, address and evidence of eligibility at one of your nearest local validation/registration points.   For further information on acceptable proofs read the proofs page.


Check your own Council’s website for further details about how to apply.  Official Council websites can be selected from the COSLA website.


Customers aged 60 or over may be able to pick up an application form at their local Council office or some Post Offices.  Please get in touch with your Council to find out which post offices in your area offer applications.  Alternatively, contact telephone numbers for your own Council concessionary travel unit can be found by visiting the Transport Scotland website.


11-26 year olds should have received their young person’s NEC through secondary school in first year.  If for some reason you don’t have your young person’s NEC, please visit the Young Scot website for application details.


How to get a replacement NEC

Already have a NEC?

If you have recently moved address you should inform your Council as soon as possible.

Lost, stolen or damaged cards:-

If your NEC is lost, has been stolen or damaged please request a replacement card by contacting your Council as soon as possible, or please contact SPT if you live within the Strathclyde area.  Customer services staff will be able to cancel your existing card and order a replacement which will be sent directly by post. Make sure your local Council has your most recent address.  If you still haven’t received your replacement card within 7 working days, please contact your Council.

For people with cards due to expire:-

If your NEC is due to or has expired, please check with your local Council to find out what proof you may need take along to renew any travel entitlements you may be eligible for.

Changing your photo or details:-

If the picture on your NEC has faded or is no longer a true reflection, the NEC may not be accepted. You should contact your local Council to find out how to go about updating your photograph.  Some local authorities may have facilities to capture your photo on the premises. To change your name or address, contact your local authority.