Privacy Policy

All those involved in running the National Entitlement Card (NEC) scheme are committed to protecting your privacy.

The data held to administer your NEC is managed by your local Council, and is processed securely to prevent unauthorised access.

Data is only shared where necessary to allow you to access the services available to you using the NEC.

When you request a NEC, or request a new service at a later date, you will be told who your data is going to be shared with.

We have always shared application data with colleagues in the Scottish public sector for the purposes of running the NEC Scheme and concessionary travel schemes. Where we can, we introduce new ways of doing this so that the amount of data involved is less.

When you applied, you may have given us “consent” for us to share application data for other reasons. We will only share data for other reasons if you ask, unless the law requires us to. We will never sell your data.

Information about how we handle personal information can be found in our Privacy Notice (new December 2020)

Note: if you have been asked to be a Photo Referee, you will find a dedicated Photo Referee Privacy Notice (new May 2018)

You may also wish to consult the Terms and Conditions (Revised December 2020).

Privacy is also a subject covered by our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you would like to learn more, there are two documents available that describe the scheme in some detail:


NEC Data Protection Impact Assessment (July 2020. PDF, 19 pages, 1135KB) 


NEC Information Architecture Data Flow Diagrams (July 2020. PDF, 34 pages, 1479KB)


The NEC Common Glossary will help you understand the NEC Scheme documents.