What is the National Entitlement Card?

The National Entitlement Card (NEC) is Scotland’s National Smartcard.  Supported by Scottish Government to deliver national and local services, the NEC makes it convenient for citizens to access various public services and facilities with only one card.

Public services are continually improving and developing to be delivered at the highest possible quality for citizens and their local areas. The National Entitlement Card Programme Office (NECPO) supports the 32 Scottish Councils by assisting with the integration of various national and local public services on the smartcard for citizens.

Supporting local communities and customer needs and interests, is at the heart of the NEC.  By using the one smartcard that delivers multiple purposes, Councils can efficiently deliver various public services to customers who need and use them the most.

If you would like to apply for your NEC, or need a replacement card, please visit "How to Get Your NEC".

The NEC is:

The NEC is one card offering access to many public services.  The NEC is quick to use - just flash it over a reader and it scans automatically.

You may recognise or know the NEC as your:

  • Bus pass;
  • Library card;
  • Leisure membership card;
  • Young Scot card

To find out which services can be accessed with the NEC in your area, please visit the interactive map on "Where to Use Your NEC".